Various Parking Categories In Newark Airport

27 Nov

The Newark liberty international airport located in Newark caters to many airlines that fly to different places around the world. Although the communication to the terminal is available in many ways including taxis, shuttles and buses many travelers opt to drive to the airport and park their cars there. They have more than ten parking lots which are classified into five different types.

Short-term parking: travelers looking for parking for a short period can park their vehicles at any of their terminals. The parking spaces set aside for short-term parking in the garage are A, B and C. after half an hour the cost rises and then goes up to the optimum for the entire day. Read more about EZWay Parking here.

Daily parking;  the daily parking is located at a farther place; you would need to board the AirTrain. This rail is well linked to all the terminals of, and the costs are free within the airport. The parking spaces dedicated to the daily parking are p3 and p4. The daily charges in this category are usually less than the maximum daily rate of the short-term parking lot. However, the charges per hour are similar and increase in the same fashion as in the short term parking area, click here!

Economy long-term category: this parking is situated on the Brewster road. Garage number 6 is a dedicated lot to the economy parking. There is a fixed price for the first twenty-four hours and afterward another fixed rate for every eight hours is charged. If you plan to park your vehicle for more than 30 days, you can use the five-star parking facility. When you are parking your car, you will be required to give your details such as your name, duration of parking, and license plate number. Failure to provide these details can result in your car being taken away. Check out this website at and know more about parking.

Valet: the P4 parking lot is set aside for the valet users. In this case, the most convenient one is highly priced parking at the Newark airport. In the case, you are required to leave your car along with the keys to the parking attendant when you get to the desired terminal. When you return, your car will be brought to you outside your terminal by the valet service. The charges are fixed for the first 24 hours which then accrues for every 12 hours.

Disabled lot: there is usually parking space set aside in every terminal for the drivers with disabilities.

Choose a parking category that is suitable to your needs.

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